NBC Hannibal Pilot Review

Not digging the weird way they show Will’s thought process. Thrown off by the siren sounds being slowed down, not reversed.

Sooo…. they’re going with some odd Sherlock Holmes type of thing to try and explain Will Graham’s brilliance? Sure, that’s a thing.

Their speaking of the way he does things is very blocky, unnatural, almost ham handed in a way. It’s very forced, they’re not showing us, they’re telling us, and I hate that. We’re not hearing his triumphs on older cases where he did something magical that no one else could. We’re simply told, the characters simply state, you are special, you do things others can’t.

I will compliment the sound department. Maybe it’s because I am watching this with headphones, but the low level static and ambiance they place into the scenes is very good. The subtle heartbeat in the first scene was nice, but I wasn’t sure it would last. As the sound continues to delight me (aside from the sloppy work of not reversing a police siren for a reversed video scene), I figured I should make mention.

I gotta say, the thing that bothers me the most is the very forced feeling awareness of minorities in the field or whatever they’re fucking going for here. Crawford being black, this random Asian female who doesn’t follow the rules or whatever the fuck. To manage cultural sensitivity you are best suited to not shove it down the throats of your audience members. This, like the dialog, feels extremely forced, and is jarring to say the least. It seems right when I start to fall into the scene, something happens that tugs me out of it. I also don’t much care for the way Will goes about seeing the kills take place. That isn’t how Will works. His mind just springs around, catches everything possible, and he flies around through all the evidence he has, scratching and scraping for any possible straw he can use to figure things out. This seems so very Sherlock Holmes-y that it’s, again, jarring and off putting.

Didn’t bother to look for an owner for that dog? What about all those other dogs? Several of which appear to be purebreds. Does he just steal any dog that he finds wandering around? I’ve picked up a good 30 dogs in my lifetime and all of them had owners that only took me a few hours to find.

Crawford is not Crawford. Not that I should have expected so much. Will isn’t Will, either. And while I understand the desire to pull more people in by calling the show Hannibal, thus far it seems like it should be called Will as thus far I am just a few minutes away from half way through and Hannibal hasn’t been mentioned nor shown. I am assuming he is about to be, however.

The profiling could work for a fangirl, maybe, but it isn’t exactly realistic. Lost some more points from me for that one.

Oh god I want this plucky Asian female agent to fuck off already. Oh god.

His vision of the girl on the antler rack had great sound yet again. This sound department deserves a fucking medal.

Classic liver joke for Hannibal. We haven’t heard that one before ever. Also why does Will automatically jump to ‘eating them’. That isn’t standard for law enforcement. The only reason we consider cannibalism in this day and age is BECAUSE of Silence of the Lambs. Prior to that when a victim was missing a body part, we assumed it was a trophy of sorts. Law enforcement officials have to maintain the trophy idea because pop culture is not true culture and rarely are cannibals found when a body part is missing.

First shit Hannibal does outside of interacting with a patient is be rude. Stellar. Also sweet baby jesus that suit he is wearing. Hannibal hates suits like that, he prefers monochromes with red flares. Of course that’s just to create a visual illusion to make his eyes appear all the more startling because he relishes in that effect on people.

Okay wait his artwork is what got him into Johns Hopkins? Yeah.. okay, sure.

Lol very interesting even for a layman. Oh god guys. Truly? Let’s reuse more. Come on, not reusing enough.

Also Hannibal’s posture drives me insane. As does his poorly tailored suit and his inability to keep it proper (as he is standing, the top button should be buttoned. Hannibal Lecter would know that very well.)

This outfit in Crawford’s office is a good outfit for undercover/hide in plain sight Hannibal, and though he isn’t standing accused them throwing in his desire to hide in plain sight (though I highly doubt they put so much thought into it) is commendable.

Clunky, bad, not close to heart ‘profiling’ from Lecter, there. The darkened music doesn’t do much to help along the bad shit going on right there. Lecter is far more keen than that. Granted, I can’t understand half of what this mother fucker is saying. It sounds like he was punched sharply in the mouth.

….”you won’t like me when I’m psycho-analyzed” ?? For serious? Holy fuck. Also tone down your shit, Will. Stop being a fuckass.

'Pure empathy' is shit that psychics say in order to sell fortune tellings. This isn't a thing. Don't act like it is. You're cheapening yourself.

For a man who prides himself on his culinary prowess, this Hannibal sucks ass at cutting meat.

Nice profile that makes zero sense as far as psychology is concerned. Great job guys. Did anyone at all do any research for any of this?

At this point in time I am assuming they will fix the attempt at making it seem like Hannibal killed her. If not, and they’re trying to say he actually did kill this one in an attempt to copy cat, well, then we no longer have Hannibal Lecter and we simply have a new original character who has the name ‘Hannibal Lecter’ and a slightly similar background. It’s like roleplaying with a bunch of 14 year olds.

Too much arrogance from Hannibal in the exchange “I don’t find you that interesting.” “You will.” Hannibal would have just smiled a tight smile, maybe let out a hum of sorts, and allowed Will to continue on with that train of thought.

While I know that little file spill was on purpose, his lack of response regarding it completely threw me.

Imma hold this phone with a kleenex but shove it against my ear anyway! And the idea of Hannibal calling a serial killer to warn them the FBI was close would be laughable if I didn’t appreciate the character as much as I do.

Oh, Hannibal. You’re blending in so well by standing back while a woman staggers bleeding out of a fucking house.

Will, nice job killing the suspect in an 8+ victim case. He easily could have been incapacitated, not killed.

How many precious minutes did we just waste while this girl is bleeding? Call for fucking backup, ambulance, and coroner. Holy god in heaven.

Hannibal being there is totally in no way weird at all, amirite? And remaining asleep while Will moves through the room is totally realistic for Hannibal, amirite?

Well… How on earth did they get Eddie Izzard for this show?  

Edit: For a comparison between Hannibal and The Blacklist, which better explains the views mentioned on this post, click here.